Federal legislation has brought Medicare to the forefront of workers’ compensation claims and civil practice. The law requires that Medicare’s interests are to be considered in all settlements that close a claimant’s rights to future medical expenses. This has made even routine claims more complex, and more costly, for employers. Wiedner & McAuliffe is positioned as a leader to evaluate these issues and keep you advised on the ever-evolving Medicare landscape.

All of our attorneys have a working knowledge of the intricacies of Medicare requirements. We have assembled a team of Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultants who concentrate their practice in the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute and conditional payment reimbursement requirements. Our attorneys evaluate Medicare issues in the defense of every file at an early stage. We do not merely formulate Set-Asides that we believe the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will approve, but we prepare and submit strategically conservative Set-Aside proposals that accurately represent the need for future medical treatment.

We advocate for you on every aspect of your case. The importance of an attorney’s role in arguing your position to CMS cannot be understated. Valid legal disputes arise between the parties to a workers’ compensation case, and we advocate for MSA determinations that reflect a fully disputed settlement. In an age in which Medicare’s interests must be taken into account upon resolution of every workers’ compensation claim, a favorable settlement can be frustrated by a financially burdensome Medicare Set-Aside. Wiedner & McAuliffe’s Medicare Set-Aside program ensures that the most fiscally conservative Medicare Set-Asides are approved by CMS, often saving our clients thousands of dollars per MSA.

Our early identification of Medicare issues, legal advocacy skills, and ability to counsel clients in all aspects of the MSA process place us in a unique position to service our clients.