At Wiedner & McAuliffe, our civil litigation lawyers understand that in order to effectively serve our clients we must understand their business and industry on an intimate level. We make it a priority to become as familiar with our clients’ industries and business needs as they are so that we can take a collaborative, team approach to legal representation.

Over the past 50 years, our lawyers have amassed a wealth of information about various industries. This in-depth insight allows us to provide legal advice and representation that is grounded in legal experience, as well as practical business know-how. We continue to foster valuable relationships with our clients based on integrity, dedication, and our long-standing commitment to maintaining an intimate understanding of their business and industry.

Some of the industries that we focus on serving include the following:

  • Manufacturing. We represent a number of manufacturers from a variety of industries in connection with workers’ compensation claims, contract disputes, product liability claims, and employment matters. Moreover, because manufacturers often ship their goods across the country – and possibly even around the world – we frequently represent manufacturers in connection with transportation litigation and international disputes.
  • Distribution. Distributors often find themselves in disputes with manufacturers and/or retailers regarding corporate contracts and product liability matters. Additionally, like any business, distributors face workers’ compensation and other employment issues from time to time. We assist distributors from a variety of industries with the diverse range of legal issues that they face.
  • Retail. Not only can retailers find themselves involved with disputes with manufacturers and distributors, but they can also find themselves in disputes with their customers and employees, and we help our retail clients resolve these disputes as quickly and favorably as possible so that they can get back to running their business.
  • Insurance. We regularly advise and defend major insurance carriers throughout the country in connection with insurance coverage and subrogation disputes pertaining to commercial property, residential property, auto insurance, and workers’ compensation.
  • Construction. Not only do we represent construction companies in connection with workers’ compensation claims, but we also represent clients in the construction industry with respect to personal injury claims, product liability claims, contractor insurance disputes, performance bond claims, project scope disputes, maintenance obligation matters, mechanics’ liens, warranty claims, and a number of other construction disputes.
  • Ground transportation. Our team of transportation litigation attorneys represents manufacturers, airlines, and other companies in connection with various transportation cases. We have represented clients in catastrophic trucking claims, and we are well-versed in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and critical on-board diagnostic and engine control module technology with respect to accident reconstruction.
  • Aviation. Because we represent a number of airlines, we understand the unique labor, workers’ compensation, and union issues that they face on a regular basis. Moreover, in the unfortunate event that there is an aviation accident, we have the experience and knowledge to handle fire and explosion liability claims, as well as personal injury claims and subrogation issues.
  • Education. We frequently serve as outside counsel to school districts regarding workers’ compensation, union contracts, and insurance issues. We are familiar with the unique issues that come into play when an employer is a school district or other government entity.
  • Health care. In addition to the typical legal issues that most businesses face –such as workers’ compensation, employment issues, and contract disputes – businesses in the health care industry have a number of unique legal areas to navigate. We frequently represent hospitals, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, and other health care business with respect to Medicare/Medicaid, insurance coverage disputes, professional liability, and product liability.

Serving Clients throughout Illinois and the Midwest

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