Workers’ Compensation Claim Leads to Civil Action Based on Intrusion Upon Seclusion

James Burns, Jr. v. Masterbrand Cabinets, et al No. 4-06-0296 What type of claim is intrusion upon seclusion?  What does it have to do with workers’ compensation?  Before those questions can be answered, one would need a list of characters involved in this scenario.  They are best described in an appellate court decision brought by

Injury Resulting From a Violation of a Saftey Rule: Held Compensable

J.S. Masonry, Inc. v. Industrial Commission No. 1-06-0717WC In the J.S. Masonry, Inc. case, the appellate court had occasion to consider a claim of Josef Piatek, a 52 year old bricklayer helper whose duties included the assistance to other workers in the construction of a scaffold.  The horizontal rail on the scaffold was to serve