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There are a lot of pluses to working with Wiedner & McAuliffe on your workers’ compensation, insurance defense and litigation cases. We consistently move cases faster than other firms. PLUS, we’re known for being more responsive and service-oriented. PLUS, we offer the highest level of technical skill in these areas. On the PLUS side, that’s everything you need to get the results you’re looking for.

  • "I have always found W&M to be a firm that is ethical, responsive and knowledgeable about not only what the law is today but also very perceptive about where the law is heading. They have earned my respect and trust many times over."

    -Chip Stride
    Chairman of the Board, FLEx Lighting, Chicago, IL

  • The case of the traveling employee

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    We defended United Airlines in a claim which established that even for traveling employees, the regular commute to the employment premises is not covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act. The petitioner was a flight attendant who was injured on a flight from Denver, where she lived, to a New York Airport. The Appellate Court held that the petitioner was not a traveling employee at the time of the accident. Traveling on a fee-waived United Airlines flight at the time of the accident did not transform her from a regular commuter to a traveling employee as this benefit was available to all United Airlines employees.