Class Actions

When your business is on the line with a class action suit, our litigation attorneys are primed to vigorously defend you. Throughout the years, we have defended many types of class actions and defendants, including large corporations who find themselves facing RICO and fraud claims, as well as small businesses caught up in class action trends of the moment, including the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We are well-versed in class action procedure, taking advantage of a federal forum via CAFA when possible and working hard to limit pre-class certification discovery.

Wiedner & McAuliffe’s attorneys don’t just understand litigation; we understand business. We ensure that any litigation strategy for a class action case must fit within our clients’ overall business objectives and values. Mindful of cost and exposure reduction strategies, the firm employs aggressive and effective defenses to decisively defeat these claims at the outset by defeating class certification. When a class-action trial is necessary, we recognize that a successful defense must be strategic, thorough, and carefully organized.