Medical Malpractice Defense & Healthcare

As part of our Health & Managed Care practice, Wiedner & McAuliffe attorneys in our Chicago and St. Louis offices have successfully defended hospitals and physicians in high profile medical malpractice claims throughout the Midwest. Our results-oriented malpractice team is focused on protecting our clients’ well-earned reputations and continued practice in their community by providing a resilient defense and seeking early dismissals to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

The primary root of our success in defending malpractice actions and building long-standing relationships with our clients is our meticulous investigation of claims at the outset of a case. We identify the central basis of a claimant’s allegations beyond the standard allegations in a complaint, and work with our clients to develop a reasoned litigation strategy. We aggressively pursue alternative theories of causation, retain well-respected medical experts to provide consultation and opinions favorable to our defense and seek to bar unfounded claims. As a result of our commitment to providing a formidable defense for our clients, we have achieved favorable outcomes in complex and high-exposure malpractice cases. Our attorneys have successfully defended matters involving:

  • High-exposure claim against hospital and nurses for alleged failure to monitor fetal monitoring strips in a monoamniotic twin pregnancy, resulting in death to one twin and lifelong catastrophic injury to the second.
  • High-exposure claim against hospital and emergency room nurse for alleged failure to diagnose a cavernous tumor in a young girl, resulting in permanent paraplegia.
  • Claim against neonatal nurse for improper application and failure to monitor thermal heat packs resulting in second degree burns to infant’s upper leg.
  • Suit against St. Louis dentist claiming negligent installation of dental devices and appliances in Plaintiff’s mouth.

In addition to malpractice claims against hospitals and physicians, our attorneys’ experience defending medical product manufacturers distinguishes our firm’s malpractice group from our peers. More and more, malpractice claims arise out of the use of intricate hospital equipment and lead to hybrid actions involving negligence and product liability claims. Our experience defending medical products claims provides our attorneys with the unique knowledge and capabilities to better and more efficiently represent our clients in all types of malpractice actions.