Nursing Home & Long Term Care

Unfortunately, litigation against nursing homes and long-term care providers is becoming more and more frequent, especially in jurisdictions like Illinois, where the Nursing Home Care Act allows plaintiffs to recover their attorneys’ fees. Civil suits against long-term care providers have become easier and less expensive to prosecute, so they have become an easy target. Americans are living longer than ever before, and some facilities struggle to meet increased staffing demands. The attorneys in Wiedner & McAuliffe’s healthcare malpractice department have years of experience defending nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in cases alleging negligence, wrongful death, bedsores, abuse and neglect, and falls, and they are accustomed to all of the most creative arguments of plaintiffs’ attorneys. Wiedner & McAuliffe calls on a team of nationwide experts in medicine, nursing and infectious disease to challenge questionable nursing home claims on the issue of negligence, but also on causation and damages.