Toxic Tort / Asbestos

Toxic tort claims are based on individuals alleging personal injury from exposure to chemicals such as cleaners, lead, asbestos, pesticides, and numerous other industrial chemicals, along with claims of general damage from other pollution. While toxic tort laws were put in place to protect everyone, they are often unfairly enforced, especially within specific jurisdictions, and can be subject to public pressure from private interest groups. We employ expert scientific and investigatory evidence, along with legal, medical, and professional expertise, to challenge the validity of suspect toxic tort claims. When individuals are truly exposed to and harmed by substances which are the subject of toxic tort suits, including pharmaceuticals, consumer products, the environment, or other occupational hazards, we can help you find the best method to deal with these circumstances. If reasonable settlement negotiations fail, and trial is necessary, our attorneys are experienced in defending clients through jury trials and appeals.

Our attorneys are experts in defending asbestos cases. Our attorneys and paralegals seek continued betterment in their knowledge and abilities to ensure valuable and efficient advising to our clients. Our team of trial attorneys has the experience and skills to successfully defend asbestos cases at trial. We apply our skill and education to reach optimum results in these high-risk cases.