Transportation Litigation including Trucking & Aviation

Wiedner & McAuliffe’s litigation team maintains a special focus on trucking and transportation litigation. We combine trial skill with focused knowledge to give our clients a strong advantage for defense and settlement of these claims.  Our firm represents multinational courier companies and companies involved in inter-and intrastate commerce, as well as companies who operate locally.

Our transportation practice also includes representation of commercial airlines, and our attorneys are well-versed in FAA regulations, Airline Deregulation Act and Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 (FAAAA) preemption, liability under the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, and requirements of the Air Carrier Access Act. Our expertise in these areas allows us to efficiently and effectively develop a litigation strategy at the outset.

In addition to our team of highly skilled attorneys, we have a database of experts that allows us to retain the appropriate expert early. This  ensures all evidence is properly evaluated and all relevant issues identified promptly to drive our litigation strategy. Having defended numerous transportation cases, we are well-attuned to reconstruction, fatigue, human factors, and failure to train issues that commonly arise in this area. We combine our understanding of investigation procedures, science and liability defense with that of our expert witnesses to create an effective defense based on:

  • Forensic techniques
  • Quantification of damages using toxicology and other behavior studies
  • Computer modeling to demonstrate how the accident occurred and to illustrate defenses
  • Comprehensive understanding of Federal Motor Carrier and Department of Transportation regulations

Wiedner & McAuliffe’s experience in evidence spoliation prevention and accident scene preservation serves us in our defense of transportation cases. Our team has successfully excluded plaintiffs’ expert witnesses based on the strength of our own investigation and testimony, positioning our clients for favorable settlement, summary judgment or defense verdict.