Workers’ Compensation Insurance Compliance

Under Section 4 of the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act, individuals and businesses defined as “employers” are required to procure workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, unless a few narrow exceptions to coverage are met. Failure to comply with this statutory mandate is met with swift and harsh consequences by the State of Illinois, to include but not limited to, heavy fines and court orders preventing employers from continuing to do business in the state of Illinois. Therefore, individuals or corporations faced with such circumstances are best served hiring counsel to assist them in the process. At Wiedner & McAuliffe, we are no strangers to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Insurance Compliance Department and regularly defend individuals and businesses against claims and allegations for non-compliance under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Being well versed in all aspects of Illinois workers’ compensation law places us in the unique position to utilize all viable defenses under the Act in advocating on your behalf. Over the years, we have been highly successful in defending against such claims of non-compliance on behalf of our clients. Whether it is full blown litigation defense or simply consulting on non-compliance matters, whatever your needs, we are here for you.